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My name is Daniel Blackburn.
A UCLan Game Development graduate from Liverpool with a passion for programming, gaming and web development.

I am currently studying for a Masters Degree (MComp) in Computer Game Development at the University of Central Lancashire, whilst working as a freelance Web Developer in my free time.

My future goals are to progress into a career in the computer games industry as a developer.



Born during the month of April in 1994 I lived in Knowsley, a borough of Liverpool.

Growing up on copious amounts of computer games they quickly became a large part of my life, fuelling my desire to discover and persue a career in their development.

Because of the lack of programming courses avaliable during my time in school, college was when I was first introduced to basic programming (JavaScript). From that point on I was fixed on achieving a career in programming, game development being my final choice due to their significance on my life.

Education has been a large portion of my life, mainly due to my desire to learn new things and to strengthen my current skills.

Currently studying a Masters Degree in Computer Games Development, my journey began during college whilst studying for my Extended Diploma in Media Production.

The only course to feature a very basic level of programming, this course gave me the qualifications needed to apply for the UCLan Undergraduate Games Development course were my knowledge of programming really began to excel.

My passionate and motivated attitude has driven the many of my future aspirations, giving me confidence to make big life decisions.

One of my biggest aspirations is to become a lead developer for my own game development company, the determination to acheive this can be clearly seen through my passion for computer games and the further development of an increasingly expanding industry.

The amount of knowledge and skills I have aquired through my many years of education makes me more than confidence that I will be a great asset to a team of any size.









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